Updated Cash Handling Policy & Controls - Action Needed

May 30, 2014

Budget Officers & Department Administrators,

In January we presented the changes we planned to make as a result of the Cash Handling Controls Assessment.  To refresh your memory, see slide 23 of the January presentation at the Quarterly Budget Officers meeting (https://controller.fo.uiowa.edu/sites/controller.fo.uiowa.edu/files/meet...).

We’ve completed our updates of the policy, Institutional Roles web application and local cash handling templates & forms.  We are now ready for cash handling units to make updates to their procedures, assign roles, update workflow paths, etc. to be compliant with our new policies & procedures. 

Specifically, please do the following: 

1- Read the new Cash Handling Policy at http://afr.fo.uiowa.edu/cash-handlling/cash-handling-deposits-policies-and-procedures.

2- Read the new Local Desktop Procedures at http://afr.fo.uiowa.edu/cash-handlling/cash-handling-deposits/cash-handling-deposit-procedures.

3- Review the cash handling roles (there are 2 new roles) and definitions/responsibilities at http://afr.fo.uiowa.edu/cash-handlling/cash-handling-deposits/cash-handling-responsibilities.

4- Read the instructions on how to add roles to the Cash Handling category in the Institutional Roles web application (PDF Instructions or Website Instructions).  Budget Officers will need to update the Department Cash Handling Role Administrator (if they want to assign someone different than the Department Administrator.  Then, the Department Cash Handling Role Administrator will assign all of the sub-department roles (Local Cash Handling Control Manager, Biller, CCP Cashier, CCP Supervisor, Deposit Preparer, Reconciler).

5- Update your cash handling Workflow path to include the Org-level Budget Officer.

6- Use the updated template to submit your current local cash handling procedures (Link in 2nd paragraph at http://afr.fo.uiowa.edu/cash-handlling/cash-handling-deposits/cash-handling-deposit-procedures).  Follow the procedures that we’ve provided to submit your procedures.   AFR will review submitted procedures as time permits (fiscal year end close is priority) and we appreciate your patience as we do this.  

Please complete the above requirements as soon as possible, but no later than August 15, 2014.  You may contact cash-handling@uiowa.edu with any questions.  At next week’s Quarterly Budget Officers meeting, I will be presenting these changes and requirements.  Thank you in advance for your efforts in becoming compliant with the new cash handling policy. 



Selina Martin