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The University of Iowa’s central Accounting and Financial Reporting (“AFR”) unit is comprised of the department Director and three teams, each with an Assistant Director: Cash & Investments, Financial Reporting and Financial Systems. The department Org chart is linked below. Information on the primary applications/systems, data and accounting functions supported by AFR is also provided on this page, along with specific shared team email accounts to direct questions and issues.

Accounting and Financial Reporting Org Chart

Financial Systems & Applications

Refer to the Financial Systems & Applications page to find the list of GL and CumComp-related transactional and reporting applications and data warehouse tables that Accounting & Financial Reporting supports. Questions for the following topics the Financial Systems Team supports send to:

Chartfields & WhoKeysSend to: for NEW values and maintenance requests, per the information provided on the GL Chartfield and WhoKey Maintenance Request Guidelines page, and for the following:

  • Request for GL Chartfields & WhoKeys application for form types: Department, Subdepartment, Grant/Program 0 and 5, associated WhoKeys and Cost Center faculty range
  • Maintenance requests of existing values for open/close dates, activation/inactivation and descriptions for the same Chartfields and associated WhoKeys as listed for the Chartfields &WhoKeys application
  • Manual setup of special requests for new Chartfields and associated WhoKeys as listed for the Chartfields & WhoKeys application, if they cannot be submitted through the application. This scenario is rare and must be approved by the Financial Systems team Assistant Director or designate.
  • Closure/inactivation requests for the same Chartfields & WhoKeys’ types listed for the Chartfields & WhoKeys application
  • MFK Validation tool

Financial transactional applications – Send to:

  • GL Journal Entry (GLJE) application Post and search GLJE journals
  • Payroll Change Voucher (PayCV) application Post and search PayCV journals
  • Web Change Voucher (WebCV) – Post WebCV journals through the TDR and SA3
  • Financial Systems Tools (FST) application – search for GLJE, PayCV, WebCV & All Journals
  • Financial application security management administered through Financial Systems Tools (FST) application
  • Retroactive PayCVs non-grants > 90 days
  • Salary suspense accounting
  • Chargeback error accounting

Electronic Financial Reports – Send to:

  • General Ledger (GL) online reports and related functionality:
    • Electronic Financial Reports (EFR) Portal: Transaction Detail Report (TDR), WhoKey Unassigned Roles, Summary Reports (Balance, Expense/Encumbrance), Transaction Detail SA3, Summary balances (MS2A, MS2C, MS1A, MS1, GPS1, Balance Sheet), EFR Dashboard, Journal ID Search tool, Query Tool, Alternate Reconciliation
  • WhoKey Administration application to view, assign and update: Account Owner and Reviewer roles and Account Purpose
    • NOTE: AFR DOES NOT assign, reassign, or remove WhoKey roles for campus WhoKeys. Contact your Org Unit Business Officer, Department or Subdepartment Administrator or the Owner/PI of the WhoKey to assist with WhoKey role management.
  • Institutional Roles application: View and manage Business Officer, Department & Subdepartment Administrator roles  
  • Cumulative Compensation online reports
  • General Ledger Decision Support (GLDSS) data warehouse Oracle tables’ security access request workflow form through the Campus Data Portal
  • Cumulative Compensation Decision Support (CumCompDSS) data warehouse Oracle tables’ security access request workflow form through the Campus Data Portal

Cash and Investments

Questions for Cash Handling send to: Includes policy, procedures, roles, training, cash advances, change funds, cash equivalents.

Questions for Cash and Change Advances send to:

Questions for the following topics the Cash & Investments Team supports send to:

  • Investment income distribution (TTI-Treasurer’s temporary income), cash-investment- and-endowment accounting, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, student loans, sales tax, cash transfers, end-of-year WhoKey close process and journals, Endowment Funds’ (560-590) Grant/Program & WhoKey maintenance and closure requests, other related topics.

Financial Reporting

Questions for the following topics the Financial Reporting Team supports send to:

  • University consolidated financial statements, bond segment financial statements, component units, bond accounting, financial data surveys, prepaid expenses, accounts payable, salary and wages payable, unearned revenue, notes payable, general accounting, Retirement of Indebtedness Plant Funds’ (800-899) and Defeased Bonds Funds’ (940-949) Grant/Program & WhoKey maintenance and closure requests, and other related topics.    

Request to transfer accounting transactions between Fiduciary & University Funds:

Send questions & submit form to:

  • Transfer of amounts between Fiduciary Funds where the University of Iowa acts as the custodian of those funds, and University Funds is occasionally warranted. Transfer Iacts are used to record the transaction, through completion of the “Request to transfer funds between Fiduciary and University Funds” form to document the purpose as well as approval from the WhoKey Owner(s) impacted. The form should be submitted to for the Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting to review and upon approval, the transaction will be posted to the General  Ledger by AFR.

Last updated 9/21/2022