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Financial Systems, User Manuals & Forms

AFR Financial Systems, Online Applications & Tables List – All systems and tables that AFR is the business owner for, along with a description of the purpose, where to access and the method to gain security access to each system and table.

Cumulative Compensation tables - Query data warehouse CUMCOMP schema tables for cumulative compensation salary and fringe data.


Electronic Financial Reports (EFR) Online Portal – Designed to help meet standard financial reporting needs. Houses data & information related to Account Maintenance; Transaction Reports and related Reconciliation Status and Unassigned Roles reports as well as Alternate Reconciliation permission; Summary Reports; Grant Reports and Dashboards.

General Information:

Transaction Reports:

Summary Reports:

Grant Reports:

Financial Systems Tools – Central online repository for campus financial users to request access to various financial applications owned by AFR and view their own security. Journal searches for PayCV, WebCV and GLJE transaction details and ability to retrieve journal owner contact information for every journal posted to the General Ledger.

General Ledger Journal Entry (GLJE) – Post new (“original”), transfer and accrual journal entries to the General Ledger.

PayCV – Post correcting salary and fringe expense journal entries to the General Ledger for MFK corrections.

Transfer accounting transactions between Fiduciary and University funds

  • Fiduciary to University Funds Transfer Request Form - requests for transferring amounts with IACTs 3502-3596 Transfer-In and 7502-7596 Transfer-Out between Fiduciary and University Funds (Grant Funds 500 or 510 are handled differently- see next bulleted item) must be approved by the WhoKey Owners of the impacted accounts, and the Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting.
  • Using Transfer-in or Out IACTs on Grant Funds 500 or 510 are not normally allowed. WebCV should be used to move expenses. If you are not able to complete the WebCV yourself because the expenses occurred in a prior Fiscal Year or you have a question about whether a transfer is allowed, please contact your Grant Accounting contact for assistance:

WebCV – Post correcting revenue and non-payroll expense journal entries to the General Ledger for MFK errors.

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