Tuition Support for Grad Students Notice (April 21, 2015)

You are receiving this as you have a role in MAUI of scholarship workflow entry:

Effective 7/1/15, all changes in scholarship funding using institutional accounts 6305 through 6350 will be required to be processed through MAUI.  The WebCV and GLJE applications will no longer allow this change.   This includes all COGS scholarships as well as all function 80 scholarships sent through MAUI scholarship workflow.  

We are implementing this change to ensure that all scholarship funding is recorded properly to improve the accuracy of reports from MAUI data warehouse.   This will allow all awards to be tracked to a specific student and session in the warehouse.   The change will only impact departments currently moving funds between MFKs for scholarship funding, leaving the original MFK in MAUI.   If you are currently making all changes in MAUI, this will not impact you.   These changes in funding in most cases will not be visible to the student on the bill.  University Billing will transfer funds using a special permission which will post the journal entries to GL.  

Below is contact information to meet your various needs:



Information Needed

Current semester changes to automated COGS tuition scholarship

  • Student Name
  • Univ ID
  • Session
  • MFK to remove from the funding
  • MFK to replace it should be listed

Prior semester COGS tuition scholarships


Changes on all other departmental scholarship or grant funding


Questions related to COGS tuition scholarship


Questions related to all other scholarship funding