Instructions for Updating Institutional Roles-Cash Handling

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1. Log in to Self Service - General Systems & Tools - Roles & Security.  Select Institutional Roles.

2. Select the category named “Cash Handling”.

3. Scroll down to the Roles. You will see the 6 cash handling roles. It is preferable that an individual have responsibility for only one of the cash handling roles below. However, if not feasible, then we do allow fewer roles. Please see Roles & Responsibilities for roles details, rules & internal control requirements.

4. Department Cash Handling Role Administrator (Department). The initial default assignment for this role is the Department Administrator (from the Budget Officers category). The role will be copied over through an initial nightly process. Only Budget Officers and their delegates can change this role.

5. All Other Roles (Sub-department). Refer to the Roles & Responsibilities page for details on required & optional roles that are assigned at the Sub-department level. The Department Cash Handling Role Administrator can assign these roles. To assign the roles, follow the steps below.

a. Click on role name (in blue text). You may use the Department Filter in upper left. Use Org-Dept number only to see all the sub-departments listed (“Filter Options – Hide locations I cannot assign” is defaulted to be “on”.)

b. In the Sub-Department window, click specific sub-department to assign.

c. Click Assign Role button.

d. Use the search tool to identify employee to assign and then click "Select" to assign the person to the role..

Note: If needed, you may assign more than one person to a role in order to accommodate for different shifts, backup roles, etc. To do this, use the Assign Role box to add others. A person already assigned may be changed by using the "Replace" box.

You have the option to delete a person in an assigned role after another person has been assigned to that role.

For information on the full requirements of the Cash Handling policy & procedures, please visit the Accounting and Financial Reporting Cash Handling website. If you have questions on how to complete the roles, please contact