GL Chartfield and WhoKey Maintenance Request Guidelines

Request for NEW Chartfield values and WhoKeys in the General Ledger are required to be submitted through the  "Request for General Ledger Chartfields & WhoKeys" application for the following: Department, Subdepartment, Grant/Programs that start with '3' (Cost Share), '5' (Other - Org Unit/Departmental Programs) or '8' (Gifts), new WhoKeys for Cost Share, Salary Cap (Grant/Program 31111111), Gifts and Other (Grant/Program 00000000 or starts with '5'), and Cost Centers limited to the faculty range of 1000-8999 . Please refer to the User Manual of the application for further details.

For new values that do not meet the criteria to be submitted through the application or for maintenance to existing Chartfields and WhoKeys, please send an email request that includes the specific information that relates to your request such as the description, open/close date, etc.

PLEASE NOTE that any Chartfield/WhoKey request that need to be manually setup or modified should be sent to the following units for handling:

Note for Fund 900 WhoKeys: Fund 900 accounts used for capitalizing equipment or software are set up by Capital Asset Management (CAM).  Fund 900 WhoKeys used for capitalizing land improvements, infrastructure, and buildings are set up by a month-end close process run by Accounting and Financial Reporting (AFR).  In the rare cases of AFR receiving requests to set up Fund 900 WhoKeys, AFR will forward these to CAM if it is known they will be used for capitalizing equipment; if the purpose is unknown the request will be forwarded to CAM for evaluation.  AFR will set up Fund 900 WhoKeys during month-end close if necessary for processing. Please contact CAM at for questions related to capitalizing equipment or software.