On-Line Cash Handling ICON Course

To access and register for the Cash Handling ICON course:

  1. Log in to Self Service - My Career - Learning & Development - My Training
  2. Select Cash Handling and follow the onscreen prompts to register for the course

Once you have registered for the Cash Handling course you can either complete the course immediately or return to Self Service - My Career - My Training and access the course at a later date by clicking on the title of the course listed under “Icon Courses Currently Enrolled In”.

Departmental supervisors can track training compliance in Self Service by accessing Training Reports under HR Data Access Applications.   If you have any questions on the ICON course, please contact Bruce Drummond in Learning and Development.

Cash Handling ICON course in PDF.pdf

If you have questions about the Cash Handling Training Presentation, please contact

Cash Handling is a function of the Accounting and Financial Reporting Office.  For questions or additional information, contact