Guidelines/Tips for Traveling with Cash

  • Carry as little currency as possible
  • Carry cash in a money belt that sits on your waist (under your clothes) or a money pouch that hangs around your neck
  • Keep cash concealed and close to your body at all times
  • Avoid using fanny-packs or bags that clip to your back, they are easy to access from behind
  • Do not place the cash all in one area
  • Never carry cash in a wallet in your back pocket
  • Carry purses and bags across the front of your body, not on your shoulder
  • Some people choose to sew pockets inside of their clothing
  • Never leave bags or purses unattended
  • If Travelers Checks are purchased, leave a copy with a friend or relative so the numbers can be obtained for reporting purposes if they are lost or stolen
  • Never leave cash in hotel rooms or dormitory rooms, unless it is locked in a safe

Cash Handling is a function of the Accounting and Financial Reporting Office.  For questions or additional information, contact