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Accounting and Financial Reporting (AFR) is pleased to announce the release to campus financial users of a flexible, easy-to-use query report tool, the Transactions Query Report (TQR). It is available in Self Service > Business & Financial Systems > Electronic Financial Reports (EFR) Portal - Summary Reports - Expense Summary Reports section.

What does the TQR allow users to do?

The TQR can be used to retrieve the details of accounting transactions posted to the General Ledger for multiple Fiscal Years and Accounting Periods, based on selected parameters. The different transaction types’ (I.e. Revenue, Expense, Encumbrances, Balance Sheet and Budget) and associated reference information tied to each transaction can be retrieved. The flexibility of the report includes:

  • Select single, multiple or all fiscal years and accounting periods
  • Select one Organizational Unit (Org) per report run
  • Select single, multiple or all values for Funds, Departments, Transaction Types and Institutional Accounts
  • Select wildcarding or specific values for Subdepartments, Grant/Programs, Organizational Accounts, Departmental Accounts, Functions, Cost Centers and Budget Reference Fields
  • Select multiple or all Output Columns parameters to view in the report

What format is the TQR output?

The TQR is in a tabular format that the report output can be viewed online or exported using multiple format options, including Excel, PDF, CSV and others. Tabular format is more user-friendly when retrieving a large volume of records and can be used to easily create a pivot table in Excel, if desired. Due to the ability to pull a large volume of data across multiple fiscal years and with the flexibility of features that can be used, which can consume a lot of server space, please narrow the report parameters initially as you use the TQR and become familiar with how it works.

Who has access to the TQR and other Summary Reports?

Any financial user with specific Institutional and WhoKey roles, Cumulative Compensation, GL-related transactional applications and Financial Reporting (AFR) roles can access the Summary Reports. Additional details can be found in the EFR Summary Reports User Manual.

Are there any technical requirements to use the TQR and other Summary Reports?

An up-to-date browser is required and depending on your unit’s IT security policy, you may need to set up a trusted site to your web browser. Additional details can be found in the EFR Summary Reports User Manual.

We encourage usage of the TQR to meet your unit’s transaction detail financial reporting needs. There are also seven other general ledger reports available to campus financial users on the Summary Reports page. These include Balance (E.g. Balance by Department, YTD Balance by Iact, etc.) and Expense (E.g. Transactions Report, YTD Expenses and Encumbrances, etc.) reports that were developed to replace existing balance and transaction detail reports (including the GLDSS Query Tool) available under the GL Reports tab in the Portal. We encourage you to also try these other Summary Reports to help meet your financial reporting needs. Additional information will be added to the EFR Summary Reports User Manual on these other reports in the near future.

Please send issues or feedback with as much detail as possible to as-efr@uiowa.edu, with a subject line of “TQR”.