Upgraded GL Journal Entry (GLJE) application go-live memo

March 9, 2021

To: GL Journal Entry (GLJE) users:

Accounting and Financial Reporting (AFR) is pleased to announce the implementation of an upgraded GLJE application. The application continues to be accessed through Self Service – Business & Financial Systems – Financial Systems & Forms – GL Journal Entry.

What changes and improvements have been made to the application?

  1. General Changes:
    • Updated look and functionality to the application.
    • Ability to sort on various columns.
    • Ability to view your application permissions and links to access request forms if additional permissions are needed.
  2. Journal Management page:
    • Ability to submit a journal for future periods. The journal is automatically submitted to GL once that period is open.
    • Ability to edit a journal in submitted status prior to being processed in GL.
  3. Template Management page:
    • Shell and Repeating template types are combined into one template.
    • Ability to copy template(s) you own to another user who has the proper permission for the template(s). If you need to copy templates to more than one user, that needs to be done separately to each user.
  4. History/Search page:
    • A search tool that includes only GLJE entries with the flexibility to filter on Chartfields, Effective Dates, Journal Status, Journal ID and User.

User Guide: https://afr.fo.uiowa.edu/sites/afr.fo.uiowa.edu/files/GLJE_User_Manual.pdf

How do I report issues/problems or provide feedback? If you experience any issues with the application or have questions, please send specific details, along with any screenshots that are helpful, to: AFR-ElecFinTrans@uiowa.edu, with the subject line of GLJE.