New PayCV application campus go-live memo

September 19, 2018                                                                                                                                           

To: Campus PayCV Users    

Accounting and Financial Reporting (AFR) is pleased to announce the campus go-live of a new PayCV application to replace the current PayCV application. The application will continue to be accessed through Self Service – Administration – Systems – PayCV.  

When will the change occur? The switch to the new PayCV application will happen at ~8am on Thursday, September 20th. The link in Self Service will direct you to the new application.  

Successful production pilots completed: Production pilots were completed with central administrative units of Accounting and Financial Reporting, Grant Accounting, Payroll, Benefits and Healthcare Finance for the past three months. Then a campus pilot with users in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tippie College of Business, VP Research, College of Engineering and Internal Medicine and Pharmacology within the Carver College of Medicine for the past month was completed. Feedback from central staff as well as a survey completed by many campus pilot users was all positive and participants indicated the application is easy to use with no training needed, no problems were encountered and the published user manual was helpful.

What will happen with the change to the new application?  You will submit any PayCV entries that you need to post using the new application. In addition, you can use improved functionality to view & delete your own pending entries and search for your own or others’ PayCV entries submitted through both the legacy and new applications. Links to existing Cumulative Compensation reports as well as to Financial Systems Tools to search for entries are also available within the new PayCV application. Additional information about changes and new/different functionality include:

  1.  General changes
  • New look and feel to the application in using a “builder” or single page design instead of clicking from page to page. This improves page response time and includes more information on the same page.
  • These infrequent scenarios occur that are now allowed to be corrected by campus users in the new PayCV:
    • Ability to correct credit balance entries.
    • Ability to correct the original MFK side of fringe entries that have a penny balance due to system rounding that may occur when the entry is split into many MFKs.
    • Ability to correct/move the remaining amount on the original MFK if all or a portion of either the salary or fringe was moved previously for salary/fringe entries that have a salary entry and an associated fringe entry tied to it from the monthly or biweekly payroll process.
  • A Summary page that includes a “snapshot” of the entry details is displayed immediately after an entry is submitted.

  1. Create CV page to create a correction/PayCV entry:
  • New expand/collapse functionality on pay periods within an in-process entry.
  • Separate modal window displayed with the journal details that make up a balance at the person/job code/pay group/MFK/pay period level for an in-process entry.
  • PayCV purpose increased to 254 characters.
  • Accounting distribution functionality for an in-process entry that is similar to the eDeposit application with buttons to Add Line, Edit MFK and Delete MFK.
  • Removed the need to confirm an action many times to Enter Next MFK, Go to Review or Cancel new MFK.
  1. Pending CVs page:

  • Lists the entries you (the user logged in) submitted for the day rolled up at the person level. These entries will clear from the page after they post to the General Ledger (GL) that night.
  • CVs on this page may be deleted at the individual CV entry (new field called CV ID#) or full person level up until the daily 6:30pm GL job runs. Once the entry is deleted, it cannot be recovered/cancelled. If the entry is needed for submittal after deletion, you will need to create & submit the entry again.
  1. CV History page:

  • A search tool that only includes PayCV entries with results that includes both legacy and new PayCV entries created since 6/14/18 with the statuses of Submitted, Posted and Deleted. The default search includes Submitted and Posted entries. To include Deleted items you will need to add that journal status through the Additional Filters option.
  1. Financial Systems Tools (FST):

  • Any legacy PayCV entries created prior to 6/14/18 must be searched through the FST application, which is available in the new PayCV application on the CV History page under the Search Legacy Financial Systems Tools link. FST will also include ALL Submitted/Posted legacy and new PayCV entries.
  1. Resources:

  • Continue to request PayCV access for a new user through the workflow-based form linked here and on the Financial Systems & Applications page on Accounting and Financial Reporting’s website
  • PayCV User Guide
  • PayCV Guidelines
  • PayCV Retroactive Cost Transfer Justification > 90 days Non-Grant Account form

User Guide and training materials: A user guide is available here: As mentioned earlier, due to the overwhelming positive feedback we received from the production pilot that the application is intuitive to use, we believe training is not needed prior to using it.

How do I report issues/problems or provide feedback? If you find any issues with the application or have questions, please send as detailed information as possible, along with any screenshots that are helpful, to the email account, with the subject line of “PayCV”. Details to provide for entry submittal issues include the employee ID/name, job code, pay group, MFK, pay period(s), Journal ID and an explanation of what you’re trying to do and the issue.