GLDSS Secondary Security Administrators Announcement of New Security Management

November 9, 2018

To: GLDSS Secondary Security Administrators

You are receiving this notification due to having a GLDSS Secondary Security Administrator role. This role has allowed you to grant or remove access to the GLDSS online application role for individuals in your Org or Org-Department, through Self Service – System Tools – Secondary Security – GLDSS.

Accounting & Financial Reporting (AFR) and Finance & Business Information Services (FBIS) are pleased to announce the implementation of a new security model for AFR reporting and transactional applications. The new security model, which resides within the redesigned Financial Systems Tool (FST) in Self Service will go live on Tuesday, November 13th

Beginning November 13th, the following changes will take place:

  • Secondary Security will no longer have General Ledger DSS (GLDSS) as an option to grant access.
  • Individuals will be automatically granted financial reporting access when they are granted other financial roles (E.g. Account Owner, Reviewer, Research Administrator & Departmental Administrator; PayCV, WebCV and GLJE application roles). In other words, it is no longer necessary to set up an individual manually to be able to access AFR reporting applications (I.e. EFR portal & GLDSS online reports) as was needed with GLDSS Secondary Security.
  • Financial Systems Tools (FST), available in Self Service – Administration – Data Access, is now a central repository to request access to AFR applications and view security information.
    • Separate Admin and Work access roles no longer exists. Org-level Business Officers (and their delegates) will manage roles and view security reports for individuals in their departments with access to AFR-owned applications. Separate communication of this change has been sent to them.
    • Separate access at the Org or Org-Dept level for roles no longer exists. The individual’s roles are assigned automatically to their primary HR appointment Org-Dept.
    • Campus users’ access to applications whose security is handled in FST can view their own security profile in FST.
    • Separate access request forms must still be submitted for applications that require it. Either the person needing access to an application can submit a workflow request form for themselves or someone else can initiate the request on their behalf (E.g. a supervisor). Separate communication of this change has been sent to campus users.

To assist you and campus users impacted by this change, a FST Campus User Manual has been published. We believe this announcement, along with the user manual, is sufficient information for you to handle the changes related to this security model change.

Please send questions to and include a subject line of “FSM”.


Accounting & Financial Reporting

Finance & Business Information Services